Tuesday, September 21, 2010


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An important skill for life is knowing when one is being lied to, but for every person it is different in detection. Today's blog will go over some common telltale signs of lying.

Body Language is a big one here. It'll be easier if you know the habits of the person. 
  • Excessive hand motion or touching of the face.
  • The speed of speech is changed (ie. talking faster or slower than normal).
  • Lag of expressions, no matter how minute. (smiling or frowning after a statement instead of while saying it)
  • The eyes. Excessive blinking. Looking away. 
A big problem with these methods is that lot of the body language happens very briefly and/or very fast. In my own experience, I've noticed that focusing on the face is the most useful. Sudden flashes of the person's true emotions will appear before they try to change it. Although like before, it will be very quick.  Being over confident in your skill to detect lying will also work against you. Keep an analytical and unbiased state of mind.
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Sleep Aids Life Hack

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Today's Life Hack will talk about sleep, preventing/deferring sleep methods, and a human's naturally biological clock. These methods and info will be useful for cram night or if you have a big deadline ahead of you.

 Most people all have a certain time they start to feel tired and want to go to sleep. This usually happens during the night when melatonin secretion starts. The picture below shows the typical average human's daily cycle.
There are plenty of methods to stay alert and stave off sleep. Some prefer caffeine. Some like to "Power Nap". Some take pills. We are going to cover all three in today's Life Hacks Blog.

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For amateurs, using caffeine to stay up the night may not be the best idea. Most drink too much in one go and end up feeling the inevitable crash way too early in the night. The key is to pace yourself, take in a certain amount of caffeine periodically and that way, control when to crash. Measuring the amount of caffeine one is ingesting isn't always the easiest thing since there are various energy drinks and even different coffees have different amounts of caffeine in them. Below is a chart to help readers get an idea how much caffeine they are consuming.  
Caffeine Chart
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"Power Napping" and by extension, polyphasic sleep, holds no repercussive effects from what sleep researchers have found (so far) and is arguably the most efficient method of sleep or rest. Since REM (rapid eye movement) phase is shown to be the cause of restfulness, maximizing REM cycles is optimal. The figure below explains in much more detail.

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The final common method is not recommended however, does get the job done and done fairly well. Pills such as Adderal, Ritalin, Provigal are used by many to help focus or stay awake for days. The following snippet talks about various drugs that can enhance performance to prevent baldness. Included is also Focus and Sleep for the college kids out there.

Pills Article

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

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